Nicholas Sanchez-Plesha

Technical Marketing Engineer at Keyence Corporation of America, B.S. Aerospace Engineering 2019

Photo of Nicholas Sanchez-Plesha

Nicholas Sanchez-Plesha earned his Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Notre Dame in 2019. He worked under the direction of Dr. Thomas Juliano starting his Junior year. During this time, he designed the support system for the ANDLM6QT. He then helped actualize these plans by constructing the system with the help of Paul McGinty and the rest of the White Field Lab staff in the summer of 2018. After completion of this project, Nicholas went on to devise the model mount and static pressure probe for the test section of the tunnel. During the design process, he conducted a full pressure analysis in order to ensure that the systems would be able to endure the high pressures present during Mach 6 flow. At graduation, the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering presented Nicholas with the Patrick J. Deviny Award for displaying the most diligence and persistence in the Class of 2019. Nicholas now works at the Keyence Corporation of America in his hometown of Chicago as a technical expert on the company’s 3D Scanning Team. In his free time, he remains an avid Notre Dame Football fan and comes back to campus for as many games as humanly possible.