Laura Paquin

Graduate Student at University of Maryland, B.S. Aerospace Engineering 2016

Photo of Laura Paquin

Laura Paquin did her undergrad in aerospace at Notre Dame and graduate in 2016. During the summers she completed a few internships: one in mass properties at GE Aviation, one in structural analysis at Northrop Grumman in FL, and one in flight dynamics at Northrop Grumman in CA. Laura joined Prof. Juliano's lab during her junior year and conducted research involving processing heat-flux contours from infrared thermography. This specifically was used for the identification of boundary-layer transition on the HIFiRE-5 model in Purdue's BAM6QT. Currently Laura is in her fourth year at the University of Maryland pursuing a PhD in aerospace engineering, in the High Speed Aerodynamics & Propulsion Lab (HAPL). Her work here has involved mixing, calibrating, and applying TSP to experiments here and at NASA Langley, and also conducting PIV experiments at an Air Force lab nearby. Laura's dissertation specifically will involve investigating the effect of wall-cooling on the boundary layer of a cone in hypersonic flow, using schlieren and TSP. She is also the instructor for a seminar for first-year engineering students in one of Maryland's living & learning programs.