Jens Rataczak

Aerospace Engineering Student

Photo of Jens Rataczak

Jens Rataczak, originally from Circle Pines, Minnesota, is a senior studying aerospace engineering. He began working with Professor Juliano’s group during his sophomore year by assisting Carson Running in his doctoral research. In the lab right now, Jens is studying stagnation point heating of blunt cones to quantitatively verify the group’s experimental method of heat-flux measurement via infrared thermography. Previous work has consisted of thermocouple noise reduction and helping Carson Running increase model surface emissivity for improved infrared measurement. Jens interned with Booz Allen Hamilton after his sophomore year where he developed software for the Navy to address satellite connectivity issues. After his junior year, he interned with Boeing/NASA’s Space Environments Group. There, he performed analyses of the ISS external contamination levels due to visiting vehicle thruster plumes, solar radiation, and materials offgassing and aided the plasma team in forecasting the ISS plasma environment. Jens plans to start graduate school in the coming year to pursue his curiosity of the unknown. In his free time, he enjoys playing baseball, lifting weights, hunting, fishing, and brewing a strong cup of coffee.