Erik Hoberg

Doctoral Student

Photo of Erik Hoberg

Erik Hoberg is a graduate research assistant working under Dr. Thomas Juliano.  He received his B.S. with honors in aerospace engineering at New Mexico State University in 2017.  Erik has worked on research projects focusing on condensation in hypersonic flow.  These tests have taken place in the Notre Dame Arc Heated Wind Tunnel, employing pitot and static probe measurements at Mach 4.5 and 6.  Similar tests will be performed in the ANDLM6QT and help define test conditions which improve Reynolds number limits in hypersonic facilities.  He is also working on shake down testing in ANDLM6QT and design work for the shutter valve used in this facility.

His hobbies are: Hiking, sailing, fishing, brewing, music and headphone testing, and working on my car.